The Little Possums story so far...

Once Upon a Time.....


There are 2 girls who were the best of friends. They lived in a small country town called Warren and happily worked together in their accounting business for many years.

One day, the girls each had a cute little baby of their very own. They loved their babies very much, however, both saw the need to return to work for many different reasons (but mainly to enjoy a coffee together without the interruptions).This all sounded like the perfect idea until the girls discovered that there were no local childcare options to suit their needs.

After many months trialling cots in the side room, Granny & Grandpa, family daycare and international nannies they decided it just didn’t work. Why should their work commitments revolve around what daycare was available? Surely there was a better way.

So they both put on their thinking caps and starting dreaming up a plan to solve the problem. When it became obvious that winning the lottery and never working again wasn’t happening anytime soon they started working on the Little Possums project.

After many late nights of planning and chatting (OK mostly chatting) they came up with a business plan. Michele decided to go ahead and build a long day care centre and her friend resolved to keep having babies to support the enrolment numbers.

In June 2011 the construction crew arrived and commenced building the custom designed centre at 55 Chester Street. It was to be the first long day care centre for the little town in Western NSW.

In February 2012 Little Possums was opened for business. On opening week there were 7 full time team members and Micheles’ 2 wonderful kids. It was a very scary time. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before the community of Warren got on board to support the wonderful preschool and long day care centre. 

Little Possums are now very proud to now provide early education to over 100 families on a weekly basis.

How can you join the family?

We know what it is like. Juggling children, work and household is hectic. At least you dont have to worry about finding reliable childcare, we are here to help support your family. 

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