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“Have only heard good reports about Little Possums keep up the good work”

Fay Gibson, Warren NSW


Having seen many services across Australia, the dedication at Little Possums is wonderful, the Educators and staff demonstrate their care, love and passion for their jobs which is very rare! A wonderful service anywhere, but to be in a regional area, I was blown away! A fantastic service”

Megan Blackburn, Perth WA (Student Liaison Officer, CSU)


“Wonderful caring staff, all children seem very happy and content”

Doug Westgarth, Warren NSW (Grandparent)


“Little possums is an excellent service! I receive information on how my child’s day was, photos and the craft work that I can display as a proud parent. The staff know each child’s personality and always make the time to listen and talk. The learning resources are first class and the convenience of healthy nutritious meals is fabulous! I recommend Little Possums to everyone!!”

Maryanne Stephens, Warren NSW (Parent)


“Little Possums has made my life so much easier. I know that they are always open and I never get stuck during school holidays or when carers are sick. I just love that I can ‘drop and go’ without even having to pack a lunch box!” 

Julie Wise, Warren NSW (Parent)


“Wow! What a beautiful centre, its one of the best I have ever seen. I wish the centres that I have worked in had half the teaching resources that you guys do.” 

Licensing Officer, Dept of Community Services


“There are many great things about Little Possums such as the staff, the facilities and the changing programs.

I do not find it easy leaving George in the care of someone else but I feel confident that he will be happy and cared for to the highest standard at Little Possums.

Having spoken to my friends in Sydney I realise that Warren is very lucky to have such a great centre, one that you might be lucky enough to find in a capital city but certainly not likely in a country town.”

Emma Welsh, Warren NSW (Parent)