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Sugar Glider Juniors


General Information

In the Sugar Glider room, carers believe it is important for our junior Possums to feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings. We strive to foster a sense of belonging so that children feel confident becoming involved in experiences and the within the environment.

Children in this age group (2 – 3.5) are naturally curious and are eager to learn. We value play, as it is vital in their learning process, they are unique, knowledgeable, feeling and thinking people and are therefore treated as individuals, with respect.

Erica Hunt is the room leader in the Sugar Glider room


Room Goals and Objectives

As educators we have linked our aims and objectives to the Early Years Learning Framework. This framework guides our decision making and underpins children’s early learning.

Educators in the Sugar Glider room aim to:

•    Support children’s secure attachment through consistent and warm nurturing environment.

•    Acknowledge each child uniqueness in positive ways

•    Promote children’s sense of belonging, connectedness and well being

•    Share children’s success with families

•    Provide rich and meaningful natural resources that reflect children’s social worlds

•    Model care, empathy and respect for children, staff and families

•    Build upon and extend children’s ideas and encourage children to explore different ideas

•    Actively support children to learn hygiene practices

•    Engage in enjoyable and meaningful  interactions with the children



Little Possums provides the children with lunch and snacks throughout the day, drinks (milk and water are freely available). We ask that parents inform us of any special dietary requirements, our kitchen will cater for your child’s needs. The menu is displayed in the parent corner in the room and outside the kitchen.


What you need to bring

It is advisable to pack a few changes of clothes. (please label all items of clothing)

A hat for sunny days, as we love to go outside and explore. Little Possums supply sunscreen for the children and is applied several times a day.

If your child is still in nappies ALL nappies are supplied by the centre unless parents stipulate otherwise.


Toilet training

This is the age group that many children are beginning toilet training. Educators in the room are more than happy to assist you and your child with this. Children often may become engaged in play at care and may forget to go on occasions. Please ensure there is enough spare clothing and underwear provided in case of accidents. Do not hesitate to speak to the educators about any strategies you wish educators to follow to in regards to your child’s needs or any other concerns you may have in this area.


Activities we enjoy participating in
PAINTING/DRAWING – develops creativity, experimentation with shapes, size, texture and colour. This also allows for children to express their feelings in a creative way. It also assists fine motor skills, hand eye co-ordination and colour awareness.
PLAYDOUGH – a tactile experience to develop gross and fine motor skills and social skills.
HOME CORNER – this promotes role playing and pretend play.
CONSTRUCTION – encourages sharing, problem solving and fine motor skills.
THREADING – develops hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.
WATER PLAY – these develop tactile awareness.
MANIPULATIVE TOYS – puzzles, shape sorters and hammering boards, develops sharing and waiting turns, ideas of sequence, persisting and completing tasks.
BOOKS/STORIES – develops language, concentration and imagination
SINGING, MUSIC, MOVEMENT & MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS – develops language, concepts of loud and soft, fast and slow.


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