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Our Mission

Our mission at Little Possums is to provide reliable, high quality early education and care in a non-institutional setting where children can learn through play, develop relationships and create memories they will hold for a lifetime.



Our Philosophy

At Little Possums, we believe in creating secure, nurturing relationships with children so that they feel a strong sense of belonging to the centre and develop their sense of sense and wellbeing. We believe positive daily interactions with children are vital to their development, and these interactions occur throughout the day in our routines and day-to-day programming. Each child is a unique individual and therefore the core of our programme focuses on developing an environment that is responsive to every child’s strengths, abilities and needs.


We feel that it is important for every child and their family’s identities to be reflected in our programming; this also assists in developing a sense of belonging to Little Possums. We value our families and seek to collaborate with them regarding their child’s learning and development, as we see this as vital to ensure the child’s full learning potential is met. We seek to create partnerships with all families. We also believe the development of partnerships with support professionals and the wider community is vital to the holistic development of children, particularly those with additional needs.


As children come from such diverse backgrounds we believe their learning is dynamic, complex and holistic. Our educators focus on being culturally competent as they respect and celebrate diversity. We facilitate children’s development through play based learning, with moments of intentional teaching being facilitated by the educators to challenge each child individually and promote higher order thinking skills. This gives children the opportunity to develop an understanding of their social worlds as they engage with their environment. We develop a curriculum which reflects the Early Years Learning Framework and its fundamental values – Belonging, Being and Becoming.