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General Information

The educator’s main aim for the Honey Possums Room is to create a safe, happy, welcoming and child friendly environment. Educators will support and encourage development in all major areas of growth. Educators will respect individual needs whilst promoting the child as a whole. The educators will work as a team, and have empathy with children, parents and other team members. Family participation and input in all areas of the program is encouraged and welcomed.

Our preschool room leader is Jacqueline Wise, who holds a diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care and is currently studying a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education at Charles Sturt University.

The Preschool ratio is one educator to 10 children.  The maximum amount of children per day is 10.


School Readiness Program

School Readiness is incorporated into all aspects of our emergent curriculum.  Orientation visits to both local primary schools are in place, which begin in Term 3 and 4 of the school year.



Little Possums provides the children with lunch and snacks throughout the day, drinks (milk and water are freely available). We ask that parents inform us of any special dietary requirements, our kitchen will cater for your child’s needs. The menu is displayed in the parent corner in the room and outside the kitchen.


What you need to bring

It is advisable to pack a few changes of clothes. (please label all items of clothing)

A hat for sunny days, as we love to go outside and explore. Little Possums supply sunscreen for the children and is applied several times a day.

If your toddler is still in nappies ALL nappies are supplied by the centre unless parents stipulate otherwise.


Toilet training

This is the age group that many children are beginning toilet training. Educators in the room are more than happy to assist you and your child with this. Children often may become engaged in play and forget to go on occasions. Please ensure there is enough spare clothing and underwear provided in case of accidents. Do not hesitate to speak to the educators about any strategies you wish educators to follow to in regards to your child’s needs or any other concerns you may have in this area.


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