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Brushtail Babies


General Information

The nursery aims to provide a nurturing, caring and safe environment for all our children to learn, grow and develop.

The children are provided with stimulating experiences and meaningful activities that cater to their individual needs and further develop their natural curiosity, which allows them to explore the world around them.

Our educators in the Brushtail Babies room are Erin Hunt (Room Leader), Yasmin Kentwell (Assistant) and Rone Sheppard (Assistant).  The Brushtail Babies room ratio is one educator per four children.



All bottles and accessories must be clearly labelled with the child’s name.  Formula must also be provided in sealed formula container.

Little Possums provides the babies with lunch and snacks throughout the day, drinks (milk and water are freely available). We ask that parents inform us of any special dietary requirements. Our kitchen will cater for your child’s needs. The menu is displayed outside the kitchen, your feedback is always welcome.


What you need to bring

If your baby is having bottles, they need to be provided by the parents.

It is advisable to pack a few changes of clothes. (please label all items of clothing)

A hat for sunny days, as we love to go outside and explore.

ALL nappies are supplied by the centre unless parents stipulate otherwise.


Daily information/Communication books

Each child will receive an individual communication book. This communication book includes an information sheet where you will be able to read about your child’s day. This provides you information regarding sleeping eating, experiences and drinks/bottles.



As your child gets older, the carers will start to introduce him/her to the next room This is done through visits with educators or a visit by themselves. This is for your child to become familiar with the new surroundings.


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