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We so excited to introduce our new program; Bush Possums

This program allows our children to explore their natural surroundings in a safe environment. We will deliver our Preschool program from the great outdoors for 3 days week. Every week. Rain, hail or shine.

The research behind this ‘Back to Nature’ type of program is amazing and it makes perfect sense. Little kids aren’t made to sit at desks and learn. They learn through touching, exploring, taking a risk and satisfying their need to be apart of their own surroundings.

They don’t need a whole pile of plastic blocks when they have rocks and pebbles. They don’t need synthetic craft items when they have leaves and feathers. Who needs a ruler when you have a stick? And seriously, does pretty paint even hold a candle to mud?

We need to let our kids get dirty, let them climb trees, let them take risks. This is what we do at Bush Possums.


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